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The left & right photos above illustrates how to inflict Air-tech Disable Type 2. The left & right photos below illustrate how an enemy would normally air-tech after using Kohak Hearts' Shikou Bakuenjin.

Air-tech Disable is an advanced status effect in ACS. When a character is inflicted with Air-tech Disable, he/she will not be able to perform any form of air-tech even if the previous action/arte used can be air-teched normally. This status effect is negated upon the enemy's landing on the ground or upon being hit by another attack. Unlike the Confirmed or Grab status effects, Air-tech Disable usually doesn't hit an enemy and the character inflicted with this status effect will not show any external change except for the fact that they cannot air-tech.

Causes/Inflicting Air-tech Disable[]

There are only 2 ways to inflict Air-tech Disable.

  1. Using a Mystic/Special Arte or Overlimit after tossing an enemy in mid-air (Type 1): after performing any action/arte that tosses an enemy in mid-air, using a mystic/special arte with a Slow TTS or using Overlimit before the enemy can air-tech inflicts them with Air-tech Disable (Type 1). For Overlimit, the enemy must not be hit by the initial burst to inflict Air-tech Disable (Type 1).
  2. Using certain artes/actions near a wall (Type 2): using certain artes that tosses an enemy in mid-air when they near (not necessarily against) a wall inflicts them with Air-tech Disable. For this to work, the enemy must bump the wall when they are about to free fall after being tossed in mid-air. Note that not all artes/actions have the ability to inflict Air-tech Disable (Type 2) especially artes/actions that toss an enemy straight upward.
    • Examples:
      • Using Regal Bryan's Shousei Furyuukyaku when the enemy is near a wall and in mid-air. Refer to Regal's Highest Combo video for an actual simulation.
      • Using Lloyd Irving's Hitenshouku after Akisazame's last hit and when the enemy is near a wall. Refer to Lloyd's Infinite Combo video for an actual simulation.
      • Using Kohak Hearts' Shikou Bakuenjin when an enemy is near a wall. the enemy must be at an exact spot for this to work.
      • Using Sophie Lhant's Critical Blade on an enemy that is near or against a wall.

Uses/Benefits of Air-tech Disable[]

The following are some benefits of using Air-tech Disable.

Type 1[]

  • Allows you to connect Mystic/Special Artes with Slow TTS.

Type 2[]

  • Prevents an enemy from air-teching thus, they will be inflicted with Disabled once they touch the ground.
  • Sometimes, Air-tech Disable (Type 2) helps you defy a character's normal chain order or allow CC recover during mid-combo.