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Cless using Majinken in the colluseum.

Cless Alvein (クレス・アルベイン, Kuresu Arubein) is the kind and polite main character from Tales of Phantasia and is a cameo support character in ACS.

Cless is an apprentice swordsman born and raised in the village of Toltus. He embarked on his journey alone to get revenge on Dhaos for murdering his family and the entire village. In battle, Cless uses "Albane School of Sword Fighting" techniques and time-space sword attacks to defeat enemies and protect his allies.

Cless appears to use four (4) randomly selected artes in ACS as a support for Klarth F. Lester.

Support Artes (援技 - Hikuwaza)[]

User Name Command Elemental Damage Hits Power Requirements and Notes
Klarth F. Lester 

(Demon Fang)

← F - 2

(At most)

5 (Slash)

10 (Shockwave)

  • TP
  • Has a 30% chance of activating.
Klarth F. Lester  Kogahazan
(Tiger Blade)
← F - 2 34
  • TP
  • Has a 40% chance of activating.
Klarth F. Lester  Majin Souhazan
(Demonic Tiger Blade)
← F - 5 33(38)
  • TP
  • Has a 10% chance of activating.
Klarth F. Lester  Majinken x5
(Demon Fang x5)
← F - 8

(At most)

5 (Per slash)

10 (Per shockwave)

  • TP
  • Has a 20% chance of activating.