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1/7/2013: CenturyBlade here, popping in only SLIGHTLY fashionably late for ACS Wikia's 2nd birthday party. I'll be honest, when I first started this thing, I didn't think for a second there that it would turn into this. So many people have poured so much time and effort into this project that I started more or less as a "Why doesn't this already exist?" kind of thought. I really expected somebody to show up and call me a noob because something like this already exists. Little did I know I gave this already dying game a boost harder than ever in the Western community. Now that ACS3D has been released, the whole goddamn thing is going to start over again, and I couldn't be more ecstatic about it. I'm sure somewhere on this thing lies a post that I made regarding what I'd do if and when the next ACS came out, and I'm pretty sure I said back then that I'd most likely create an entirely new Wikia and just kinda let this one meet its inevitable death. However, I see that it's only been a week since the release (thanks NO-ONE BTW FOR LETTING ME KNOW ABOUT THE RELEASE :( ) and you all have put in so much work already that I can't really upturn it now. So we'll keep it like this. Great work everyone, and once again I can't thank you enough for keeping my project alive. Without you, ACS Wikia would've died long, long ago. I still don't believe it's been 2 years since this thing's inception.

P.S. I also cleaned up this page a bit.  Just some discussions from way too long ago, pretty much.

CenturyBlade (talk) 0:51, January 7, 2013 (UTC)

1/1/2013: ACS 3D has just been released.  We need to sort out what pages needs to be updated and stuff so please put all your ideas and suggestions here for now. Thanks!

Minarie (talk) 15:13, January 1, 2013 (UTC)

8/2/2011: I would like to ask all major contributions to be updated in their respective progress tables below so that we can easily track what needs to be done and what is already finished. If you want to contribute ideas to ACS Wiki or if you have any questions about the game, please post it on the Forum in the Community Tab. Thanks!

Minarie 08:06, August 2, 2011 (UTC)

The Admin Team[]

For new users, we would like to introduce the Administrators for ACS Wikia. If you have problems related to the site or questions about the game, please ask the following people below.

  1. CenturyBlade: Creator/Founder of ACS Wikia. (A.K.A. Ninja Boss).
  2. DivineKratos: Publisher of Arte Exhibition video material used throughout the Wikia.
  3. LGameTales: I have the intelligence on in-game artes and character functions. If you have a question regarding such, I'll be sure to answer it for you.
  4. Gammer10: Hey! If you have any questions about the technicalities of ACS or the Wikia, just ask me.
  5. Fateoffate: A weirdo who knows a lot about ACS. You can ask him anything related to ACS.
  6. Minarie: Hi, if you have any in-game questions about ACS (Combos etc.) please ask me about it.

ACS Wikia Policies[]

There are only two policies so far and it's very simple actually:

  • Be kind to your fellow users: The english ACS community is really small but a nice bunch of people. I don't think there will be any problem here.
  • ACS Hacking discussions: As Anibache requested, there will be no discussions in this Wikia on how to hack ACS. All posts about hacking will be deleted by the admins immediately.

ACS 3D[]

Main ACS 3D Page[]

Installation Guide[]

Beginner's Guide/Menu Translation[]

Playable Character Pages[]

Command/Arte Lists[]

Skill Lists[]



Playable Characters[]

Please document here, in the progress table, what kind of information a playable character page currently needs. A character page is rarely ever "complete", because somebody always winds up finding something new, however, there is a difference between a page that hasn't even been started yet and a page that has information on everything besides the Super Mega Ultra Chaos Mode and that character's most overpowering or infinite combo. Please document those differences here.

With that said, currently, if a character has their full Command List, Intro, Facts, General Tips & Usage, Arte Breakdown, Combos, and Story Mode information posted, it will be marked "Complete". The Battle Strategy section is only optional, you may place information there if you want but it will not be part of the progress table. Please use the Shing Meteoryte page or any other page in the progress table with the note "Standardized" as a guide in making playable character pages.

CenturyBlade 13:45, January 11, 2011 (UTC) & Minarie 08:06, August 2, 2011 (UTC)

NOTES ON COMBOS: When adding combos to Character Pages, you should also add Combo Particles/Segments. These are small 1-3 arte combos what can be used in certain situations (these are much more useful then long combos). For example, Combo Resets or OVL resets (in this case they would be comboing out of an OVL not on the wall).

Progress Table[]

Name Cmd. Intro


Tips&Use †Combos Story Notes
Notes Shortcuts Artes ENHMUC‡
Luke Standardized
Jade Standardized
Anise Standardized
Guy Standardized
Sync Standardized
Nebilim Standardized
Kakashi N/A N/A Beg. Guide
Judith Standardized
Flynn Beta
Lloyd Standardized
Collet Standardized; Inc. Item
Zelos Standardized
Presea Standardized
Regal Standardized
Klarth Standardized
Suzu Standardized; Inc. Item
Dhaos Standardized
Sophie Standardized
Stan Standardized
Lion Standardized
Lyris Standardized
Mary Standardized
Hugo Standardized
Nanaly Standardized
Barbatos Standardized
Shing Standardized
Kohak Standardized
Ricardo.. Standardized
Kyle Beta
Rid Standardized
Fog... Standardized; Inc. Item
Shizel Standardized
Chloe Standardized
Eugene Standardized
Hilda Standardized

†Format: The wikia hasn't decided on the combo format section, so this is tentative. ‡ Not all characters have the Unknown & Chaos difficulty.

Legend on notes:

  • Standardized: Follows the wikia format for character pages.
  • Fmt/Format: Refer to the Template Article
  • Template: Template needs to be applied to the page
  • Pic/Picture: A picture is missing
  • Eng/English: Artes are in English refer to the Arte Naming Conventions
  • Beta: Character is in Beta form, and information is subject to change
  • E, N, H, M, U, C: Easy, Normal, Hard, Mania, Unknown, Chaos: Information missing concerning specified difficulties
  • Misplaced: Sections are in other sections
  • QuickInput: Combos are missing Quick Input Versions.
  • Inc. Item: Item Steal Guide has missing descriptions.
  • Beg. Guide: Can be found on the Beginner's Guide Page.

Color Code:

  • Red: Not done at all
  • Yellow: Some progress; Almost done
  • Green: Done for the sake of argument

Cameo Support Characters[]

Please document here, in the progress table, what kind of information a cameo support character page currently has and needs. Normally, a cameo support character page will be marked complete if they have and Intro, Photo and an Arte Breakdown w/Commands. Please use the Cless Alvein page or any other page in the progress table with the note "Standardized" as a guide in making cameo support character pages.

Minarie 08:06, August 2, 2011 (UTC)

I would like to ask that somebody change all of the Cameo Character's names from the English ones to the Japanese ones, to complement the fact that we (and by we, I mean Anibache) are using Japanese names for the Playable Characters.

CenturyBlade 13:45, January 11, 2011 (UTC) & Minarie 08:06, August 2, 2011 (UTC)

Progress Table[]

Name Intro Artes w/Commands Notes
Mieu Standardized
Tear Grants Standardized
Natalia L.K. Lanvaldear Standardized
Largo the Black Lion Standardized
Regret of the Magic Bullets Standardized
Arietta the Wild Standardized
Dist the Reaper Standardized
Asch the Bloody Standardized
Van Grants Standardized
Estellise Heurassein Standardized
Flynn Scifo Back (M)
Patty Fleur Standardized
Rita Mordio Standardized
Genius Sage Back (M)
Refill Sage
Shihna Fujibayashi Back (I)
Seles Wilder Back (I)
Cless Alvein Standardized
Chester Barklight
Mint Adenade
Arche Klein
Malik Caesars Back (M)
Reala Back (M)
Judas Back (M)
Johnny Shiden
Kronos Back (M)
Hisui Hearts Back (I)
Beryl Benito
Senel Coolidge Back (I)
Annie Barrs
Tytree Crowe Back (M)
Hubert Ozwell Back (M)
Pascal Back (M)
Cheria Barnes Standardized
Schwann Oltorain Back (I), Photo

Legend on notes:

  • Standardized: Follows the wikia format for cameo pages.
  • Photo: Missing photo.
  • Back.: character background is missing (M) or incomplete (I).

Color Code:

  • Red: Not done at all
  • Yellow: Some progress; Almost done
  • Green: Done for the sake of argument

Secret Bosses[]

Please document here, in the progress table, what kind of information a secret boss character page currently has and needs. The Wikia has yet to decide on a format for secret boss characters. Please feel free to edit it as much as you want, format suggestions are highly appreciated.

Are we also listing each Boss character's artes? So far, all the "Strategy" categories are unfinished, and Neried seems to have a "Moves" subcategory under "Al Facts". Which one would be more appropriate if I were to start working on Alexei?

LGT (talk) 11:45, August 5, 2011 (PST)

Sorry I haven't been paying much attention to the secret characters page, I'm still pretty busy with standardizing playable character pages (Currently practicing/studying Sophie to improve her page). We should first finish at least one secret boss page as a standardized format. Here are some of my ideas on what we should put (in this order) you may remove some if you think it's too much trouble:

  • Intro (Bio)
  • Character Facts (Replaces AI Facts and Fallacies)
  • Artes Breakdown
  • AI Behavior and Combos
    • Short Range
      • Ground
        • Attack Pattern 1 etc.
      • Aerial
        • Attack Pattern 1 etc.
    • Mid Range
    • Long Range
    • Others Behaviors (May be removed if none exists)
  • Strategy
  • Appearance in ACS (Similar to a story mode section)

Minarie 20:30, August 5, 2011 (UTC)

Seems fine, though, what would be the difference between "AI Behaviors / Combos" and "Strategy"?

LGT (talk) 18:35, August 5, 2011 (PST)

AI Behaviors / Combos would contain the information on the AI's attack patterns, how and when they execute them. It's more on enumeration of what the AI can do.

Strategy should contain information on which AI Behavior/s should the player exploit/watch out for in fighting to defeat the Secret Boss. It should also contain tips on how certain AI behavior should be treated or countered.

Here's are some examples:

In the AI Behaviors Section:

  • When a player is in mid-range from Dhaos, and the player is also in mid-air at the same time, the attacks/actions/combos Dhaos will use are usually Explode or Ray both with equal chance of occuring.
  • Dhaos unleashes his Overlimit Lv1 when the player is in mid to close range (both on the ground) from him or when he is being pressured with multi-hit attacks in close range. He will have Unmarked Penetrate status until his Overlimit expires.

In the Strategy Section:

  • Ray/Explode AI pattern should be exploited by always jumping while trying to approach Dhaos. Have him use Ray or Explode, block and then counter attack.
  • If Dhaos releases his Overlimit:
    • Get away from him as much as possible. Stay in long range from him and then jump in mid-air and stay afloat using artes. Dhaos will always just stay put when you do this. Wait for his Overlimit to expire then approach his mid-range and exploit his Ray/Explode AI pattern once more.
    • Use a mystic arte with a long animation to empty his OVL Gauge.

I hope i was clear with my examples, don't hesitate to ask me questions if something is still unclear.

Minarie 09:53, August 8, 2011 (UTC)

Progress Table[]

Name Bio Character Facts Artes Breakdown AI Behavior and Combos Strategy Appearance in ACS Notes
Mithos Yggdrasill -
Alexei Dinoia -
Nereid -
Yuris -
Little Queen -