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Genius casting Fearful Flare.

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Genius Sage (ジーニアス・セイジ Jiniasu Seiji) localized as Genis Sage is Lloyd's best friend together with Collet. He is an animated half-elf that exceeds on studying and magic spells. He is also Refill Sage's younger brother.

Genis uses a kendama (toy that has a ball linked with a string on a part of the toy where the ball can be placed) to attack and repeatedly plays with it while casting a spell. According to Genis, when he hit Lloyd with it, he found it out to be a great weapon.

He appears during 1 arte in ACS.

Support Artes (援技 - Hikuwaza)[]

User Name Command Elemental Damage Hits Power Requirements
Collet Brunel

Fearful Flare

← F - 10
(At most)
(Per hit)
  • TP