Act Cadenza Strife Wiki

The screen displayed after clearing a story mode will show your grade.

The Grade System is used in many of the games in the Tales of Series to evaluate the player's performance in battle, rewarding them with Grade. Grade is usually used to buy perks used during a second playthrough.

In ACS, Grade is rewarded after completing any character's Story Mode on any difficulty. However, the Grade is only an indicator of performance and does not benefit the player in any other way.

Growth Factors[]

In Story Mode, one can increase the Grade they recieve by performing any othe following in any round:

Growth Factor Requirement Note
+0.50 Defeat an enemy -
+5.00 Kill a Boss -
+10.00 Kill a Secret Boss -
+0.02*n Deal damage Damage dealt * 0.02
+5.00 Complete a Round with full HP -
+0.01*n Guard an enemy's attack Attacks guarded * 0.01
+0.10 Execute a 10-hit combo Between 10 and 24 hits
+0.30 Execute a 25-hit combo Between 25 and 49 hits
+0.50 Execute a 50-hit combo Between 50 and 99 hits
+5.00 Execute a 100-hit combo Above 100 hits
+0.05*n Kill an enemy with a combo Number of hits in combo x0.05
+0.10*n Kill a Boss with a combo Number of hits in combo x0.10
+0.03 Use a TP consuming attack -
+0.50 Enter Overlimit Lv1 -
+2.00 Enter Overlimit Lv2 -
+0.05 Use an FOF arte or spell -
+0.50 Use a Burst Arte -
+1.00 Use a Mystic Arte or Blast Caliber -
+1.50 Win with a Mystic Arte or Blast Caliber -
+1.50 Win in 60 seconds -
+0.50 Win in 90 seconds -
+3.00 Win with full HP -
+3.00 Win with full TP -

Reduction Factors[]

Your Grade is reduced when any of the following occurs:

Growth Factor Requirement Note
-0.01*n Get damaged Damage recieved * -0.01
-0.30 Get hit by a 10-hit combo Between 10 and 19 hits
-1.00 Get hit by a 20-hit combo Between 20 and 29 hits
-2.00 Get hit by a 30-hit combo Above 30 hits
-1.00 Use an incomplete character -
x0.5 Use a Continue -

Difficulty Factors[]

By completing a character's Story Mode and a specific dificulty multiplies you Grade by a predetermined factor:

Growth Factor Difficulty
x0.50 Easy
x1.00 Normal
x1.50 Hard
x2.00 Mania or above
  • Defeating a boss on Easy mode (except for Yuris) will not result in a bonus higher than x0.001 of the value that should have been obtained.