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This page covers facts and in-depth game usage of the character, Kyle Dunamis. For a comprehensive reference list of in-game commands, see Command List: Kyle Dunamis.

Kyle Dunamis is a soon to be completed beta-version Playable

Kyle using Senkoushoutsui.

Character in ACS that can currently only be accessed in VS mode. He had two slots on the Character Select screen, but since version 5.410 both slots have been removed to make space for Sophie Lhant and Ricardo Soldato & Iria Animi. His character file used to be "", but at some point it became "TO21.player". Since he doesn't have a slot on the character select screen, however, using him will require replacing the player files of one of the other characters.

Kyle holds a shockingly low movelist (it may seem sizable, but most of the moves are extensions), which limits his options. He uses the Spirit Point system, in which attacking will force the Spirit Gauge to lower. This system was originally conceived to force teamwork, and while it has been modified it will still work against the player if used without consideration.

Playing Kyle like any other character will eventually result in an empty Spirit Gauge, and trying to keep away from enemies is a fruitless endeavor: retreating will lower your Spirit Gauge with each backstep used, and Kyle simply does not have any effective long range options. Though he can easily perform a single combo, the lag at the end of many of his moves will leave him open.

When Kyle is finished, perhaps he will be easier to use, but in his current state the only way to effectively use him requires a planned use of his Spirits Blaster mode, which works as his own Overlimit. During this mode, the Spirit Gauge is unlimited, allowing Kyle to perform moves freely. However, it should be noted that any of Kyle's Mystic Arte Extensions will instantly force him out of his Spirits Blaster. Due to this, if one builds up Kyle's OVL Gauge to over one bar, it's possible to quickly enter Spirits Blaster, use a Mystic Arte Extension (Zankuu Tenshouken is recommended due to the relatively fast animation and the fact that Shikkuu Rensatsuken combos well with the Spirits Blaster activation), then either enter Spirits Blaster again for another Mystic Arte Extension, or take advantage of the replenished Spirit Gauge and unleash a combo.

Character Facts[]

  • Kyle has 480 HP.
  • As an unfinished character, all of Kyle's Mystic Arte Extensions, except Zankuu Tenshouken, causes the game to display a black screen with the characters for "Work In Progress" on it. Meanwhile, the appropriate soundclips for the Mystic Artes will play, and damage will be given as if Kyle is executing the attack behind the screen. After the arte, the game will resume as normal with Kyle in the last pose of the Mystic Arte.
  • When facing Barbatos, Kyle will challenge him, resulting in Barbatos mocking him.
  • At the moment, an AI Kyle will do nothing but spam Stone Zapper. Annoyingly enough, though, his Spirit Point system causes a bug that depletes your character's TP bar.
  • Kyle can use Double Jump after a High Jump, giving him great avoid against spells and attacks that hit on a big area.

General Tips & Usage[]

  • Much of Kyle's artes work through extensions. As such, using him well requires either a perfect sense of timing or button mashing.
  • Despite the fact that Nanaly Fletch and Barbatos Goetia also come from Tales of Destiny 2, Kyle is the only user of the game's Spirit Point system, or at least ACS's version of it.
    • Unlike other characters, Kyle's TP Gauge starts at full and constantly regenerates. However, every time Kyle attacks, backsteps or backwardly air dashes, the bar will noticeably decrease. Likewise, every time Kyle runs or air dashes, the bar will increase. As with the TP Gauge, the Spirit Gauge also refills as Kyle is hit.
    • Attempting to attack when the Spirit Gauge is almost empty results in Kyle flinching backwards.
    • Kyle's Spirits Blaster will give him infinite Spirit Points until the OVL Gauge depletes.
  • Spirits Blaster Lv2 will give Kyle the ability to combo any of his artes together. However, Garen Souhajin and Kuuha Zeppuugeki are the only Arcane artes that can effectively combo into something else besides a Mystic Arte.
  • His chain order is:
    • Melee > Base > Extension > Arcane > Mystic
  • During Spirits Blaster Lv2, his chain orders becomes:
    • Melee > Base (indefinitely) > Extension > Arcane (indefinitely) > Mystic

Base Artes[]

  • Souhajin (Azure Edge)

    ACS Kyle Dunamis Arte Exhibition (v.5.505b) COMPLETE

    Kyle Dunamis's Artes courtesy of Kratos1991.

    • Kyle sends a small bolt of green energy forwards.
    • The higher Kyle's Spirit Gauge is, the further across the screen the energy bolt will go.
    • Press A to extend to Souhatsuiren.
  • Chirihajin
    • Kyle stabs forward and quickly performs a two slash combo.
    • Press B to extend to Chirihakareha.
  • Kuushouzan
    • Kyle jumps into the air and crashes down with his sword in front of him.
    • Press B to extend to Kuushoureppuu.
  • Bakuenken (Hell Sword)
    • With his sword engulfed in flame, Kyle brings his sword up to behind his back then slams it down in front of him.
    • Press D to extend to Bakuenrenshou.
  • Senkoushou (Glare Fang)
    • Kyle will swing his sword up, causing a pillar of light to rise and strike the area immediately in front of Kyle.
    • Press D to extend to Senkoushoutsui.

Extension Artes[]

  • Souhatsuiren (Azure Storm)
    • Kyle will perform two quick slashes of wind in front of him.
    • Kyle is moved forward during the attack.
  • Chirihakareha
    • Kyle stabs forward then brings himself and his sword back.
    • Kyle is moved backwards at the end of the attack.
  • Kuushoureppuu
    • Kyle uppercuts the enemy, then quickly turns around and releases a blast of wind upward from his sword.
  • Bakuenrenshou
    • Kyle slams his flaming sword down to the ground.
  • Senkoushoutsui
    • Kyle stabs his sword diagonally into the air, releasing a burst of light.

Arcane Artes[]

  • Garen Souhajin (Azure Storm)
    • Kyle thrusts his sword, stabs it into the air diagonally, then quickly slashes forward twice, releasing a green energy projectile.
    • Although this move shares the same localized name as Souhatsuiren, the two moves are not to be confused as one.
    • Press E during Spirits Blaster to extend to Resshou Souhajin.
  • Kuuha Zeppuugeki (Sonic Blast)
    • Kyle stabs his sword forward then jumps back and stabs forward once more.
    • Press E during Spirits Blaster to extend to Zeppa Messhougeki.
  • Toryuu Rengekiha (Draco's Fury)
    • Kyle jumps while slashing, crashes down with his blade, stabs forward twice, then performs a finishing uppercut.
    • The move ends with Kyle slightly backwards from his start point.
    • Press E during Spirits Blaster to extend to Souryuu Metsugazan.
  • Shikkuu Rensatsuken
    • Kyle slashes forward, slams his sword into the enemy, knocks them into the air, then crashes his blade down.
    • The move ends with a backstep.
    • Press E during Spirits Blaster to extend to Zankuu Tenshouken.
  • Ganzan Messaijin (Slag Assault)
    • Kyle jumps forward and crashes his sword into the ground, releasing small rocks.
    • Press E during Spirits Blaster Lv2 to extend to Shouou Zetsurenshou.


  • Flame Drive
    • Kyle releases three small fireballs forward.
  • Burn Strike (Burning Strike)
    • Three small lances of flame will strike the area in front of Kyle.
  • Stone Zapper
    • Kyle releases some small rocks into the air. These rocks will curve downwards and will fall in a variety of different patterns.
  • Wind Slash
    • A small slash of wind hits the opponent twice.

Support Artes[]

  • Reala Support - Reala appears, stands around for a bit, then points forward and cheerfully says something.
  • Judas Support - Judas appears, poses, and says something.
    • If attacked, Judas will die.
    • Judas can act as a shield against projectile attacks.

Mystic Artes[]

  • Resshou Souhajin
    • The "Work In Progress" screen appears.
  • Zeppa Messhougeki
    • The "Work In Progress" screen appears.
  • Souryuu Metsugazan
    • The "Work In Progress" screen appears.
  • Zankuu Tenshouken
    • The screen turns blue as Kyle gathers energy. He then stabs forward, slashes twice, stabs diagonally upwards, performs an uppercut, then leaps high into the air with his sword.
    • If used against Barbatos Goetia while he is at low HP, and if there is open space behind Barbatos, Stan Aileron will appear and perform a double Zankuu Tenshouken along with his son for a guaranteed kill.
  • Shouou Zetsurenshou
    • The "Work In Progress" screen appears.

Cameo Appearances[]

Kyle also appears as a support character for Stan Aileron and assist him in using a Mystic Arte as enumerated below.

Blast Calibers (秘奥義 - Hi Ougi)[]

User Name Command Elemental Damage Hits CC Cost Power Requirements
Stan Aileron

Zankuu Tenshouken

← ↓ → E - 14 4 0
  • Requires TP.
  • Requires Overlimit.
  • Must have low HP.
  • Enemy must be Barbatos Goetia.
  • Enemy must have low HP.
  • Unblockable; This arte instantly kills opponent(s).


Battle Strategy[]

General Use[]

Kyle's movelist allows almost any of his artes to combo into each other. However, Ganzan Messaijin can only effectively combo out of Chirihakareha, and unless the enemy is up against a wall Senkoushoutsui can only combo into Garen Souhajin (and sometimes Shikkuu Rensatsuken, if the timing is perfect).

Highest Combo[]

  • Jump > Aerial Melee (A/B or C) [Note 1] > 3 Hit Melee (A, A, A) > Senkoushou > Senkoushoutsui > Garen Souhajin > Overlimit 2 > Senkoushou > Bakuenken > Senkoushou > Bakuenken > Senkoushou > Bakuenken > Senkoushou > Bakuenken > Senkoushou > Bakuenken > Senkoushou > Bakuenken > Bakuenrenshou > Toryuu Rengekiha > Souryuu Metsugazan.
  • Quick Input Version:
    • 8 > A (right before landing) > A > A > A > ↓ D > D [Note 2] > ↓ → C> ↓ F > ↓ D > ↓ → D > ↓ D > ↓ → D > ↓ D > ↓ → D > ↓ D > ↓ → D > ↓ D > ↓ → D > ↓ D > ↓ → D > D [Note 2] > ↓ →← D > D [Note 2].
  • Requirements
    • Requires Overlimit 2.
  • Notes
    • Note 1: Use just before landing.
    • Note 2: Press during previous attack.
    • When comboing Senkoushou to Bakuenken, wait for the opponent to fall to the ground (or at least be in the air in front of Kyle) before using Bakuenken; simply spamming the moves will eventually result in Senkoushou missing.

Story Mode[]

If one changes the names of the player character files. it is possible to access Kyle's Story Mode. However, it is obviously unfinished.

Each difficulty will lead to the same thing: Shing Meteoryte at reduced HP (if you restart the battle his HP will replenish to full) and infinite CC, Asbel Lhant, Stan Aileron, and Barbatos Goetia. If you win 2-0 against Barbatos, you will fight his secret boss: double Barbatos. After ¿60? seconds, a third Barbatos will join the other two, but he won't attack you.


In ACS, Kyle and his cameo support character Stan Aileron, has three cut-ins and on "Work In Progress" screen.

  1. Tales of Destiny 2 (PSP)
  2. Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3
  3. Custom made
  4. (Top) Tales of Destiny 2 (PSP), (Bottom) Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut.
  5. (Front) Tales of VS, (Back) Tales of Versus.

As a cameo support character for Stan Aileron, Kyle has one cut-in.

  1. (Top) Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut, (Bottom) Tales of Destiny 2 (PSP).