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  • ACS has been updated to v.5.518. 2013/07/08
  • ACS has been updated to v.5.517, and ACS3D has been updated to v.0.901a. 2013/05/06
  • Lloyd Irving is now playable in ACS3D. 2013/04/14
  • ACS has been updated to v.5.516, and ACS3D has been updated to v.0.901. 2013/04/14
  • ACS3D has been updated to v.0.801. This update allows Cless Alvein to be unlocked.2013/01/01
  • ACS3D has been released! Download it from the server, here. 2012/12/31
  • DivineKratos has been promoted to Administrator. Also, corrected profiles of all Administrators to include Chat Moderator and Rollback permissions. 2012/10/26
  • ACS3D's second closed alpha has started. 2012/10/21
  • The Act Cadenza Strife Wikia is implementing a new Home Page layout. 2012/10/21
  • ACS3D closed-alpha has finished. 2012/03/9
  • LGameTales, Gammer10, Minarie and Fateoffate have been promoted to Administrator. 2011/06/27
  • New Cameo Support Characters and a Boss have been added: Pascal, Hubert Ozwell, Cheria Barnes, Schwann Oltorain, Little Queen. 2011/05/22
  • The new characters were revealed to be Ricardo Soldato & Iria Animi. 2011/05/08

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The current version of ACS is 5.518, as of
Jul 08, 2013.

Host Update Status: Updated
Download ACS v5.518

The current version of ACS3D is 0.901a, as of
May 06, 2013.

Host Update Status: Updated
Download ACS3D v0.901a



Anibache is the creator of Act Cadenza Strife. Little is known about them, including their gender, though they seems to use masculine dialogue while typing Japanese...



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