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Mao and Eugene combine forces to use Infernal Drive.

Mao (マオ, Mao) is one of the playable characters in Tales of Rebirth.

Mao is the adoptive son of Eugene Gallardo and had no memories of his past or where he originally came from. He was first seen in his original game with Eugene offering help to Veigue Lungberg in controlling his force and freeing Claire Bennett from her ice prison. Mao is equipped with Tonfas and is gifted with the Force of Fire. He is a powerful spellcaster and can cast destructive spells of different elements.

He appears to assist Eugene Gallardo in using a Fusionic Force Finality in ACS.

Mystic Artes (秘奥義 - Hi Ougi)[]

User Name Command Elemental Damage Hits Power Requirements
Eugene Gallardo Inferno Drive

(Infernal Drive)

↓ → ← E - 13 151
  • TP