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Shing Meteoryte
Japanese: シング・メテオライト
Romanji: Shingu Meteoraito
Original Series: Tales of Hearts
HP: 410
Elem. Strength: File:Light.png + 20%
Elem. Weakness: File:Fire.png - 30%
Cameo Support: Beryl Benito

Shing Meteoryte (シング・メテオライト Shingu Meteoraito) is the easygoing and cheerful male protagonist from Tales of Hearts. When he tried to save Kohak Hearts, Shing accidentally shatters her spirune (her heart) which scattered throughout the world leaving Kohak in an emotionless doll-like state. This marks the start of his journey in his original game as he promises to return Kohak's spirune shards back to her.

In ACS, Shing's battle style mostly revolves around the use of his Soma (Tales of Hearts' term for special weapons that can damage Zerom, monsters that eat spirunes) "Asteria" (アステリア Asuteria), a sword and buckler combination.

Shing makes up for his below average HP and average stats with a wide arsenal of Strike Artes and Elemental Artes that can be effectively used in the air or on the ground at any range.

Take note that this character is difficult to use and is not recommended for beginners.

Character Facts[]

  • Shing has 410 HP.
  • Though Shing enters battles by dashing from his side of the screen, you can already see his shadow on the floor before he even gets there.
  • Shing has three victory poses.
  • Shing fell in love with Kohak Hearts at first sight.

    Shing and Beryl celebrating their victory over Sync.

    • If Shing faces Kohak, Shing will let out a surprised scream after Kohak tells him she's serious.
    • If Shing defeats Kohak, Hisui Hearts will appear and hit Shing.
  • Shing's Support Arte allows him to summon Beryl Benito from Tales of Hearts.
    • If Beryl deals the killing blow, she will also perform her victory pose with Shing.

General Tips & Usage[]

  • Shing has average jumping height, movement speed, dash length attack power, and below average HP.
  • Shing is more likely to have his guard broken than other characters.
  • Shing receives 30% more damage from Fire Elemental attacks and 20% less damage from Light Elemental Attacks. (Please refer to this page for more information on ACS Elements).
  • Shing can perform all the basic movements in ACS.
    • His Double Jump reaches the top of the screen.
    • Shing's High Jump is slightly higher than his normal jump.
    • Shing's Forward Step has a very poor range but has quick execution.
    • Shing's Backward Leap has average range and speed.
    • Shing can chain his backward air dash to a forward air dash.
  • Shing has two melee ground attacks (A and B) and a basic riser attack (C then tap ↑). He also has two melee aerial attacks (A and C).
    • Shing's melee aerial attack A cannot be used if the combo counter has more than 1 hits.
  • Most of Shing's aerial artes can be canceled by doing a forward air dash just before the arte has been fully executed. This move is known as Dash Cancel.
  • Resembling his game's system, Shing uses a Chain Capacity (CC) Gauge, enabling him to use many different artes in his combos as long as he has enough CC to use each arte and does not use the same arte twice in a row.
    • Shing starts with 10 CC. This number increases by 1 every time a combo costing 3 or more CC is completed. Once his CC reaches 13, though, the number will revert back to 10 after the next combo.
      • If the combo was in the air, the CC Gauge replenishes when he lands.
    • During Overlimit Lv1 , Shing's maximum CC starts at 14. During Overlimit Lv2, Shing's CC is frozen at 15.
    • Some of Shing's artes can be used in succession.
  • Shing's chain order consists of:
    • Melee > Any Arte Type (X) > Any Arte Type (Y) > Any Arte Type (X or Z) > etc.
    • X, Y, and Z represent any of Shing's artes. This is to emphasize that he cannot use the same arte in successive order (with some exceptions of course).
    • If his Combination Blaster is used the combo will immediately end.


Command Ground Air
F Overlimit Lv1 Shouseijin
← F Soukoga Shijin Kongouha
→ F Beryl Benito: Dizzy Typhoon Shishisenkou
↑ F Zesshouzan Hienshousen
↓ F Overlimit Lv2 Shouseijin

Story Mode[]

Shing has a total of 6 Story Modes, ranging from Easy to Chaos. Note that all modes including and preceding Hard feature opponents that come in "Rounds", meaning that the field, positions, and statistics (HP and otherwise) will reset once an opponent is defeated. Modes after Hard feature opponents that come one after another, meaning that the fields, positions, and statistics of your character will not reset once an opponent has been defeated. However, A portion of your HP is refunded whenever an opponent is defeated in Mania Mode.


Nanaly Fletch
Rid Hershel
Presea Combatir


Zelos Wilder
Mary Agent
Fog, Chat, & Race


Suzu Fujibayashi
Lion Magnus
Barbatos Goetia (2 Rounds)
Barbatos Goetia x2 (Only upon defeat of Barbatos Goetia with a 2-0 record)


Hugo Gilchrist
Synch & Six God-Generals (Upon defeat of Hugo Gilchrist)
Shizel (Upon defeat of Synch & Six God-Generals)
Dhaos (Upon defeat of Shizel)
Barbatos Goetia (Upon defeat of Dhaos)


Hugo Gilchrist (Upon defeat of Dhaos)
Barbatos Goetia (Upon defeat of Hugo Gilchrist)
Gelda Nebilim (Upon defeat of Barbatos Goetia)
Synch & Six God-Generals (Upon defeat of Gelda Nebilim)


Barbatos Goetia
Barbatos Goetia (Appears after at least 50 seconds of the battle)
Barbatos Goetia (Appears after at least 100 seconds of the battle)
Barbatos Goetia (Appears after at least 150 seconds of the battle)
Mithos Yggdrasill (Appears after at least 200 seconds of the battle)
Gelda Nebilim (Upon defeat of Mithos Yggdrasill)


In ACS, Shing has three cut-ins.

  1. Tales of Hearts
  2. Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology
  3. Tales of VS.