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Nereid attacking with Fearful Flare while casting another spell.

The true final boss of Tales of Eternia. The counterpart of Seyfert, they wield the Dark Aurora which is the opposite of the Divine Aurora wielded by Rid and Race. Currently, they inhabit the body of Shizel, and manifest by mutating said body, and as a demonic apparition behind it.

Character Facts[]

Artes Breakdown[]

  • Lightning
    • A large lightning bolt knocks away everything in front of Nereid.
  • Spark Wave
    • A sphere of electricity will engulf your character's current position for a string of hits.
    • If it hits, Nereid will rush at you and probably begin looping Ground Dasher.
    • If blocked, Nereid will cast it again, which will probably break your block.
  • Ground Dasher
    • Countless giant stalagmites will diagonally rise out of the ground and slowly push your character backwards.
    • If it hits, Nereid will cast it ariound two or three more times.
  • Dark Force
    • Dark spears of energy will fly out from Nereid and hit the ground in front of her.
  • Bloody Howling
    • Two streams of darkness will fly out from Nereid, boomerang back to her, then rocket straight to your character's position.
  • Explode (Explosion)
    • A large ball of flame hits the ground before Nereid and expands into an even larger dome.
    • Usually used as a finisher for the Ground Dasher loop.
  • Meteor Swarm (Meteor Storm)
    • Meteors fall diagonally from the sky, hitting predetermined areas.
  • Pluto
    • A large pink circle surrounds your character, and shortly afterward Pluto appears. He will send a barrage of pink energy blasts towards the center of the circle.
    • Nereid is completely open during this move.
  • Fearful Flare
    • Nereid unleashes a barrage of fireballs at the ground before her.
    • Occasionally it glitches and does nothing at all, leaving Nereid completely open.
  • Nothing Night (Nihilistic Night)
    • Nereid laughs as the screen is filled with purple energy. Rocks will start to rise out of the ground in an area about a screen to the left and right of Nereid.
    • Nereid is invincible during the animation.
    • The rocks can not be blocked.
    • Sometimes will be cast twice in a row.
  • Soul Shot
    • The demon on Nereid's back will shriek and send energy blasts at your character.
  • Eternal Finality (Eternal Fatality)
    • The screen goes black as Nereid forms a large, purple energy sword and sends it at the ground before her. The sword will expand into a purple dome of destruction.
    • If Nereid uses it while she stands in front of a corner, the sword will not land and the move will do nothing.
  • Finality DeadEnd

    ACS Nereid Arte Exhibition COMPLETE

    Nereid´s Artes courtesy of Kratos1991.

    • The screen turns white and your character will begin to bounce around as small explosions go off. Can not be stopped.
    • Only used at low health.
    • Can be countered by Rid Hershel's Aurora Wave.
    • Its full name is "- Darkness of the Outer Limits - Finality DeadEnd".

Appearance in ACS[]

In ACS, Nereid is a Secret Boss, reachable via defeating the last character, Shizel, in the Hard Route Story Mode of Rid Hershel, Kohak Hearts, Chloe Valens or Fog, Chat, and Race without losing to Shizel once. Her(?) sprites are derived from her appearance in Tales of Eternia.

Nereid's strategy can best be summed up as spam. She will cast spells with large areas of effect at every possible moment. At critical health, she will use Finality Dead End, which can not be stopped and will likely kill or cripple your character.


There are two ways to deal with Nereid as Rid: either wait for her to summon Pluto, then Omega Tempest Strike out of the radius and attack, or let loose a never ending stream of pressure. These two strategies are both risky; the former because it relies almost entirely on your luck, and the latter because the closer you get to Nereid the more at risk you are. Either way, your goal is to get her to use Finality Dead End.

As Kohak, the strategy is to wall push her, then block and counter her spells while keeping close. By staying right next to her, the chances of Nereid using a spell that isn't Bloody Howling are decreased. If she casts it, block the first hit, then use Byakka Senrendan > Koukoutenku > Photon > Byakka Senrendan > (Shipuukyaku) x until CC depleted loops to deal damage. Also use the invincibility frames Hououtenku to avoid spells if you are knocked away.

As Chloe, the simplest way to deal with Nereid is to try to wall push her as soon as possible while keeping close. Block the first hit of Bloody Howling, and combos using (Shippuusen/Kuuretsuzan > Jinpuusen/Shuusouraizan > Koga Kuuretsuzan) will move enough that the rest of the hits miss. If she uses Eternal Finality, block the first few hits (at least the first), then use Youken Eiyougeki to ignore the last few hits (keep holding block in case the animation finishes before the last hit of Eternal Finality).

To deal with Nereid as Fog, Chat, and Race, try to push her against the wall as soon as you can, at the start of battle, using Souryuu Rengazan. After that, retreat to the other side of the battlefield and spam Burning Force. Finality DeadEnd only does about half of their HP if it hits Fog, so you can survive if you haven't taken that much damage yet. Then continue spamming Burning Force until her HP is depeleted.

AI Facts and Fallacies[]

  • The majority of Nereid's moves are spells, and as such she is completely invulnerable during casting.
    • After a cast, though, she's wide open (unless the spell is Nothing Night).
  • Rage Quitting is not the answer.


In ACS, Nereid has one cut-in

  1. Tales of Vesperia