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All News that relates to either ACS or this wikia will be placed here. Recent News, the top five most recent posts, are in ascending chronological order (oldest at bottom), as well as Older News, those older then five posts.

Recent News[]

Older News[]

  • Anibache gives a hint toward the identity of the new addition to ACS as "not very popular". 2011/05/07
  • ACS celebrated its 5th Aniversery on April 12, 2011. 2011/04/12.
  • The an additional character (not the one mentioned below) is confirmed as being Flynn Scifo:
"I want Flynn's sprites all... If you sent it to me, I would make him :D" Anibache's Diary, 2011/03/04.
  • We now fully host ACS's files (under permission of Anibache) on MediaFire. 2011/03/03.
  • A new character is in the works and Kyle may be worked on:
"The next character is still a secret! Will be published simultaneously with the distribution. The upgrade of Kyle Indeed, I feel most comfortable. Lol" Anibache's Diary, 2011/02/28.
  • News Section Started.
  • Wikia Started. 2011/01/06