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Refill casting Valkyrie's Javelin.

Refill Sage (リフィル・セイジ Rifiru Seiji), known localized as Raine Sage, is a Cameo Support appearance for the character Collet Brunel. Refill is Lloyd, Collet, and Genis' teacher in the school of Iselia and as a teacher, she is full of knowledge. She has an obsession for ruins and gets maniac when it comes to it. She uses a staff as her weapon and has healing, support, and light spells.

She can use one arte in ACS known as Valkyrie's Javelin, which was a beta arte that was taken out of Tales of Symphonia before its release.

Support Artes (援技 - Hikuwaza)[]

User Name Command Elemental Damage Hits Power Requirements
Collet Brunel Valkyrie's Javelin
→ F - 2 26
  • TP
  • Applies Confirmed status on the first hit.