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TTS (Time to Start) is a game mechanic in ACS. It is the amount of time taken before the purpose of the respective action/arte begins once a command is inputted and is related to the other ACS game mechanic TTL (Time to Live). This can also be referred to as "Charge Time" or "Casting Time". The table below generalizes the different kinds of TTS.

TTS (Time to Start) Table[]

Although this table generalizes the TTS concept, there are still other factors that will affect combos such as distance from the enemy, penetrate, enemy hitbox size, confirmed, air-tech, knockback, disabled etc.

Type Description Action/Arte Examples
Instant The arte/action to be executed is connected from the previous arte/action immediately upon a press of a button. Artes/Actions having Instant TTS are usually extensions, FOF Changes, Burst Artes and one-button Mystic Artes. Another characteristic of Instant TTS is that the arte/action will never miss and will always add up to the combo counter no matter what.
Very Fast The arte/action to be executed is performed almost instantenously and can be connected from artes or actions having Very Short up to Long TTL. The recoil hit after using Overlimit and a few Strike/Mystic Artes are classified under this type. As differentiated from Instant TTS, Very Fast TTS can still miss or may hit the enemy but will not form part of the previous arte/action's combo count. Another characteristic is that it can usually hit an enemy even if they are downed on the floor after a knockback.
Fast The arte/action to be executed are performed as soon as the command is pressed and can be connected to artes or actions having Short up to Long TTL. Most Strike Artes/Instant Cast Spells and Mystic Artes are classified under this. Another characteristic is that you can easily connect artes/actions with this type of TTS from artes/actions with Short/Average TTL.
Average The arte/action to be executed is performed at a slower rate than Fast TTS. Most strike artes/Instant Cast Spells and a few Mystic Artes are also classified under this type. As differentiated from Fast TTS, Average TTS requires more accurate/perfect timing when connecting from previous artes with Short/Average TTL during combos.
Slow The arte/action to be executed is performed at a very slow rate that no matter how perfect your timing is in inputting the command, the arte/action will never connect from an arte with a Short TTL. It can only be connected to artes/actions that have Average/Long TTL when certain conditions or perfect timing is met. Mostly a few strike artes, Mystic Artes and Spells fall under this type.