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About me[]


Hi! I'm one of the contributers and administrators in ACS Wikia. It's a fan-made game based on the different protagonists and antagonists of the popular "Tales of" series by Bandai Namco. My favorite characters are Shing Meteoryte and Kohak Hearts. Feel free to ask me questions about this game in my Talk Page, I'll try to help you to the best of my abilities. Don't forget to tell your friends about this amazing game.

Minarie 07:43, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

Tales of ACS Characters[]

My Main Characters[]

My Sub-Main Characters[]

In Progress of Learning[]

Everybody else except for Hilda Rhambling.

My Youtube Channel[]

If you want to see my combo videos, please click this link. I'm trying to document all the best combos in ACS but I'm still not done.

ACS Combo Video Maker[]

Got an amazing combo you want to share to the entire ACS Community? Post it on my talk page in whatever format you wish and I'll make a video out of it and give you full credit as well. Although I usually make combo videos with these criteria in mind:

  • It must work on the latest version of ACS.
  • It must be used on Kakashi Scarecrow and has Passive set at on.
  • TP Max must set at off, although you can use it to Max your TP before the combo starts.
  • It is a combo that:
    • Can kill Kakashi Scarecrow at Full HP or;
    • Is the highest hit count combo a character can make or;
    • Is the strongest damage combo a character can make or;
    • It defies a character's normal chain order or;
    • It allows a character to recover their CC Gauge in-between combos or;
    • It is an infinite combo (Combos are classified as infinites if they can kill Kakashi Scarecrow with repeated use).

If your combo does not fit the criteria above, you can still post it on my talk page and I'll put it in its respective character page for you. With your help, we hope to make ACS Wikia the best site to look for information on combos.

Minarie 07:43, June 28, 2011 (UTC)

My Sandbox[]

Things I'm trying out for ACS Wikia can be found here. Feel free to visit and give random comments.