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This page covers facts and in-depth game usage of the character, Zelos Wilder. For a comprehensive reference list of in-game commands, see Command List: Zelos Wilder.

Zelos using Shining Bind.

Zelos Wilder (ゼロス・ワイルダー Zerosu Wairudaa) is the third playable character from Tales of Symphonia. Zelos is a total womanizer and the Chosen of Tethe'alla, opposite that of Collet Brunel, the Chosen of Sylvarant. He encountered Lloyd Irving's party in Meltokio and offered his help to cure Collet Brunel's Angel Toxicosis.

Zelos fights with a short sword in one hand and a shield in other, implementing a somewhat graceful fighting style. Although most of Zelos' artes mirror those of Kratos Aurion, Zelos executes his attacks differently. Zelos can also use magic and Angel Spells, giving him the ability to support his allies and attack enemies from a distance. As compared to other ACS characters, Zelos has above average stats and is considered as an all-around character.

Zelos is fairly easy to use but also challenging if one would opt to execute his chain-order-defying combos.

Character Facts[]

  • Zelos has 580 HP.
  • Most of Zelos' attacks mirror Kratos Aurion's, although the way the attacks are executed are different.
  • Zelos has three victory poses.

    Zelos and Kratos both using their different versions of Senkuureppa.

  • When facing Lloyd Irving, there will be a brief dialogue. This is a reference to his betrayal of the Symphonia party, and their resulting fight.
  • Zelos' Story Mode is exactly the same as Kratos Aurion's.
  • Zelos' Support Arte allows him to summon Shihna Fujibayashi and Seles Wilder in battle.
    • He can only summon them one at a time.
  • Unlike Collet's purple wings, Zelos only shows his orange wings whenever he uses his Shining Bind Mystic Arte.
  • Zelos has two different casting auras depending on whether he is casting an Angel Spell or a regular spell.

General Tips & Usage[]

  • Zelos is another well-rounded character than can fit almost every playstyle. His damage output is fair, and his keepaway game is fair as well. He has good defensive options in aerial Majinkens and Dankuuken, Sheena Fujibyashi's Manjushage is a good apporach tool, and Divine Judgment is a powerful trump card.
  • Zelos has some significant drawbacks however. He is one of the few characters in ACS without a reliable move to use when his attack strings are blocked, requiring players to focus a little more than they would have to with other characters. He also gets outranged by most of the cast, other than a risky Shunjinken. Basic fighting game knowledge is required to play Zelos, more than other characters.
  • Zelos has average attack power and an above average move speed, jumping height, dash length and HP.
  • Zelos is neither difficult nor easy to Guard Break.
  • Zelos receives 50% more damage from Water Elemental attacks and 20% less damage from Wind and Light Elemental attacks. (Please refer to this page for more information on ACS Elements).
  • Zelos can perform all basic movements available to most ACS characters.
  • Zelos has two melee ground attacks (A & B) and a basic riser attack (C then tap ↑). He also has two melee aerial attacks (A & C).
    • His riser attack only works if the combo counter has less than 6 hits.
    • Zelos can chain his normal attack and riser attack up to 7 hits with proper timing before using artes. Artes cannot be connected if an additional 8th hit is added using normal or riser attack.
      • [A > A > C then tap ↑ > A (in mid-air as the enemy reaches maximum height) > A (in mid-air before touching the ground) > A > A]
  • Zelos has a predetermined amount of penetrate counters during spell casting to prevent cast interruption.
    • This is applicable only for his Angel Spells: Judgment and Zelos Flash.
  • Zelos' Casting time for all spells decreases when he has Low HP or during Overlimit.
  • His chain orders consist of:
    • Melee > Base > Master > Arcane > Burst > Special
    • Melee > Base > Master > Arcane > Burst > Mystic
    • When in Overlimit Lv2, his chain order is ignored although he cannot use the same arte consecutively.
    • Turbulence can be casted after a Base arte as long as the combo counter exceeds 1 hit.
      • Using Turbulence this way eliminates the required casting time.
      • You can continue the combo normally after using Turbulence but since the enemy can air-tech, it is recommended to use a Melee > Base combo followed by Turbulence and finish it with Senkoushou.
        • Senkoushou needs to be used with proper timing to prevent the enemy from air-teching.
        • After the above combo, the chain order is reset and you can start the combo again at Melee.
        • This combo is no longer possible if the combo counter reaches 15-17 hits and above unless the enemy cannot air-tech (e.g. Hugo Gilchrist's AI).
    • Zelos can chain his Special Arte, Genma Kuugashou, to his Melee, Base, Master, Arcane or Special arte if the enemy lands at a wall after Genma Kuugashou and if your quick.


Command Ground Air
F Overlimit Lv1 -
← F Seles Wilder: Petit Meteor -
→ F Shunjinken Shunjinken
↑ F Senkuureppa Senkuureppa
↓ F Overlimit Lv2 -

Base Artes[]

  • Majinken (Demon Fang)

    ACS Zelos Wilder Arte Exhibition (v.5.505b) COMPLETE

    Zelos Wilder's Arte Exhibition by Kratos1991.

    • A single shockwave projectile.
    • Travels 90% screen length.
    • If done in the air, wave travels diagonally downwards towards the ground.
    • TTS is Fast. TTL is Average.
  • Shunjinken (Sonic Thrust)
    • A quick thrust forward.
    • Range is 30% screen length.
      • Range will become 80% of screen length during Overlimit.
    • If done in the air, Zelos travels 5% further.
    • You can input ← to cancel this arte into a backdash. This is useful for keeping yourself safe or baiting counters.
    • Can be used to help Zelos follow-up a midscreen Overlimit Blast.
    • TTS is Fast. TTL is Short.
  • Senkuureppa (Light Spear) or (Tornado Drive)
    • A quick upward twirl followed by downward stab.
    • Range is 10% sreen length.
    • Can be used in the air. If so, the second hit is a forward stab that a downward stab.
    • If this arte connects with an airborne opponent, they cannot air-tech as long as they are around the height of the screen when on the ground, allowing for follow-ups.
    • TTS is Fast. TTL is Average.

Master Artes[]

  • Senkoushou (Glare Fang)
    • A tall pillar of light energy extends from the ground.
    • Range is 70% screen height.
    • A good anti-air, and rewarding if it connects near the tip.
    • Can be used in the air.
    • Light Elemental.
    • TTS is Fast. TTL is Long.
  • Majinken Souga (Double Demon Fang)
    • Two shockwave projectiles travel along the ground.
    • Range is 80% screen length.
    • TTS is Fast. TTL is Average.
  • Gou Majinken (Fierce Demon Fang)
    • Zelos jumps forward, slamming his sword against the ground with all his weight.
    • Cannot be used in the air.
    • Earth Elemental.
    • TTS is Slow. TTL is Average.
  • Kuuhashou (Super Sonic Thrust)
    • A swift thrust forward, unleasing the power of the wind.
    • Range is 50% screen length.
      • Range will become 85% of screen length during Overlimit.
    • Can be used in the air.
    • TTS is Fast. TTL is Short.
  • Senkuu Shoureppa (Victory Light Spear) or (Cyclone Drive)
    • An upward spiraling slash followed by a thrust.
    • The final hit moves the enemy away by 40% screen length.
    • Can be used in the air.
    • TTS is Fast. TTL is Average.
  • Raijinken (Lightning Blade)
    • A forward thrust followed by a lightning strike.
    • Range is 15% screen length.
    • The lightning will not appear if the first hit does not hit.
    • Wind Elemental.
    • TTS is Fast. TTL is Short.

Arcane Artes[]

  • Dankuuken (Severing Wind) or (Decisive Slice)
    • Zelos jumps up, creating a cyclone of wind.
    • Travels 100% screen height.
    • Can be used in the air.
    • Fantastic anti-air, and the last few hits are air-unblockable.
    • Wind Elemental.
    • TTS is Fast. TTL is Average.
  • Gurenken (Hell Pyre)
    • Zelos jumps into the air with a slash before firing a fireball at the enemy.
    • Range is anywhere between 50-80% of screen length depending on how high Zelos is when he executed the attack.
    • Can be used in the air.
    • Fire Elemental.
    • TTS is Fast. TTL is Average.
  • Souen Shougazan
    • Five fiery slashes ending with a blazing uppercut.
    • Moves Zelos 50% screen length.
    • Cannot be used in the air.
    • Fire Elemental.
    • TTS is Fast. TTL is Average.
  • Raisenken (Lightning Slash)
    • Zelos fires a large bolt of energy from the tip of his blade.
    • Range is 60% screen length.
    • Very risky as Zelos takes a long time to actually recover.
    • Cannot be used in the air.
    • Wind Elemental.
    • TTS is Fast. TTL is Short.
  • Senkou Tsuijinga (Light Spear Cannon)
    • A quick upward twirl followed by an upward jab encased in light.
    • Cannot be used in the air.
    • TTS is Fast. TTL is Average.
  • Fuuraijinken (Super Lightning Blade)
    • A quick stab followed by a more powerful lightning strike.
    • Range is 25% screen's length.
    • Cannot be used in the air.
    • Wind Elemental.
    • TTS is Fast. TTL is Short.
  • Majin Senkuuha (Demon Spear)
    • A combination attack of Majinken and Senkuureppa.
    • Projectile range is 80% screen length.
    • TTS is Fast. TTL is Average.
  • Suigajin (Hydro Blade)
    • Zelos is surrounded by a torrent of water.
    • Cannot be used in the air.
    • Can only be used during Overlimit or when Zelos has low HP.
    • Hard to combo into.
    • Water Elemental.
    • TTS is Slow TTL is Average.


  • Eruption
    • The ground bleow the enemy opens up unleashing three bursts of fire and magma.
    • Even though the range is 80% screen length, the attack's hit box covers 30% of the screen.
    • After the casting, the spell comes out very fast.
    • Zelos recovers faster than the enemy, even if they block this.
    • Fire Elemental.
    • TTS is Slow. TTL is Average.
  • Turbulence
    • A gust from below throws the enemy into the air.
    • Can also be casted after a Base, Master or Arcane arte.
      • Using the arte this way eliminates the casting time requirement.
    • Range is 100% screen length.
    • Wind Elemental.
    • TTS is Slow. TTL is Long and becomes Average when the combo counter exceeds 15-17 Hits.
  • Thunder Blade
    • A blade of thunder falls from the sky and explodes.
    • Range is 100% of screen length.
    • The exploding part of the attack is unblockable.
    • Zelos recovers very fast after this spell, but it's easy to avoid.
    • Wind Elemental.
    • TTS is Slow. TTL is Long.
  • Gáe Bulg
    • A heavenly spear falls to the ground, unleashing multiple purifying beams of light.
    • Range is 100% screen length.
    • If the first hit connects, the enemy is thrown into the air and repeatedly stricken with beams of light.
    • Even though there are beams moving toward Zelos, the enemy cannot be hit by them if the first hit connects.
    • Cannot be blocked.
    • Can be used without Overlimit if in Low HP.
    • Light Elemental.
    • TTS is Slow. TTL is Average.
  • Judgment
    • Several sacred, purifying beams of light to rain down on the field.
    • Completely unreliable.
    • Cannot be blocked.
    • This arte is considered as an Angel Spell.
    • Light Elemental.
    • TTS is Slow. TTL is Short.

Support Artes[]

  • Manjushage
    • Sheena Fujibayashi appears and throws two shurikens, juggling the enemy.
    • Cannot be interrupted.
    • You can use this after an Overlimit burst to reset the chain order. After summoning Sheena, immediately do a Melee Attack A, then a Senkuureppa.
    • TTS is Slow. TTL is Average.
  • Raiden
    • Sheena Fujibayashi appears and throws a kunai to the ground. When it strikes, it is stricken by lightning.
    • The kunai travels 50% screen's length. The lightning's range is 100% screen height.
    • TTS is Slow. TTL is Average.
  • Petit Meteor (Mini Meteor)
    • Seles Wilder appears and slams her weapon against the ground.
    • Immediately downs the enemy.
    • Totally unblockable.
    • Set this up after Disabling your opponent in the order, and keep them blocking with attacks of your own for a good unblockable set-up.
    • TTS is Slow. TTL is Average.

Burst Artes[]

  • Gungnir
    • Surrounded in light, Zelos makes a quick slash forward.
    • It is possible to continue with Genma Kuugashou, then any Mystic Arte.
    • Requires Overlimit and a combo with more than one hit.
    • This arte is unblockable.
    • Doesn't always connect properly with all attacks.
    • Light Elemental.
    • TTS is Instant. TTL is Average.

Special Artes[]

  • Zelos Flash
    • The screen turns white as Zelos heals himself.
    • Heals 70 HP and some OVL.
    • This arte is considered as an Angel Spell.
    • TTS is Slow. TTL is Non-existent.
  • Genma Kuugashou (Mirage Thrust)
    • Sheena Fujibayashi appears and combines attacks with Zelos. She creates a glyph, through which Zelos thrusts.
    • Zelos moves 60% screen length, however, the enemy will only get hit up to 45% screen length.
    • Zelos can connect any move with a Fast TTS after this move as long as the combo counter is 25 hits or lower.
    • TTS is Fast. TTL is Long.

Mystic Artes[]

  • Shining Bind (Holy Binds)
    • A glyph appears beneath Zelos' feet and bursts of light from below knock the enemy into the air before blowing them away.
    • Requires TP
    • 247 damage, 16 hits
    • TTS is Fast. TTL is Non-existent.
  • Divine Judgment
    • A glyph appears under the enemy and countless beams of light rain down on them.
    • Required TP and Overlimit
    • If the opponent is not blocking before the Zelos begins his incantation, they will get hit.
    • 279 damage, 22 hits.
    • Damage of this arte is reduced by the number of conbo counters. The higher the count the weaker it is.
    • TTS is Very Fast. TTL is Non-existent.

Advance Tips & Combos[]

Battle Strategy[]

General Use Combos[]

Short Range Combo[]

  • Melee Attack A X2 > Senkuureppa > Turbulence > Senkoushou [Note 1] > Melee Attack A > Senkuureppa > Majinken Souga > Fuuraijinken [Note 2] > Genma Kuugashou [Note 2] > Melee Attack A > Senkuureppa > Majinken Souga > Senkou Tsuijinga or Fuuraijinken [Note 3] > Shining Bind
  • Quick Input Version:
  • A > A > ↓←A > ↓→←C > ↓↓A > A > ↓←A > ↓→B > ↓→E > ←→←E > A > ↓←A > ↓→B > ↓←D or ↓→E > ↓←→E.
  • Damage is almost half of Kakashi Scarecrow's (HP 500).
    • Requirements:
      • Half TP for Shining Bind (optional).
      • Small TP for Senkou Tsuijinga (optional).
      • Enemy is against a wall after using Genma Kuugashou.
    • Notes:
      • Note 1: Certain timing is required to connect Turbulence to Senkoushou and finally to Normal Attack.
      • Note 2: After using Fuuraijinken, wait for the enemy to drop on the ground before using Genma Kuugashou. The enemy and Zelos must be at a wall after this part of the combo to continue.
      • Note 3: You may opt to continue the combo using Overlimit Lv1 or Lv2.
    • This is Zelos' Bread and Butter Combo. Pretty easy to execute and has very few requirements.
    • Contributed by Minarie 10:16, April 18, 2011 (UTC)

Instant Kill Combo[]

  • Shunjinken > Kuuhashou > Fuuraijinken > Genma Kuugashou [Note 1] > Genma Kuugashou > Melee Attack A > Senkuureppa > Turbulence > Senkoushou [Note 2] > Melee Attack A > Senkuureppa > Majinken Souga > Senkou Tsuijinga > Overlimit Lv2 > ( Senkuureppa > Majinken Souga > Fuuraijinken ) X 4 > Gungnir > Shining Bind
  • Quick Input Version:
  • ←→A > ←→B > ↓→E > →←→E > →←→E > A > ↓←A > ↓→←C > ↓↓A > A > ↓←A > ↓→B > ↓←D > ↓F > [↓←A > ↓→B > ↓→E] X4 > D > ↓←→E.
  • Total Hits = 75
  • Damage instantly kills Kakashi Scarecrow (HP 500).
  • Parts of the combo enclosed in open "(" and closed ")" parenthesis should be repeated four times.
    • Requirements:
      • Max TP.
      • Overlimit Bar at Lv2.
      • Enemy is against a wall.

        Tales of ACS v5.306 Zelos Wilder One-Hit Kill Combo

        Zelos' One-Hit Kill Combo at 75 Hits

    • Notes:
      • Note 1: The enemy must land at the wall right in front of Zelos to connect the other Genma Kuugashou. This combo may not work on the left side wall but this is unconfirmed.
      • Note 2: Certain timing is required to connect Turbulence to Senkoushou and finally to Normal Attack.
  • Modified version of Zelos' Bread and Butter Short Range Combo. Has a lot of requirements.
  • Contributed by Minarie 15:05, April 13, 2011 (UTC)

Highest Combo[]

Story Mode[]

Zelos has a total of 5 Story Modes, ranging from Easy to Unknown. Note that all modes including and preceding Hard feature opponents that come in "Rounds", meaning that the field, positions, and statistics (HP and otherwise) will reset once an opponent is defeated. Modes after Hard feature opponents that come one after another, meaning that the fields, positions, and statistics of your character will not reset once an opponent has been defeated. However, Some HP is refunded whenever an opponent is defeated in Mania mode.


Klarth F. Lester
Chloe Valens
Lion Magnus
Hugo Gilchrist as Enemy; Jade Curtiss as Ally


Luke fone Fabre
Rid Hershel
Regal Bryan
Barbatos Goetia (2 Rounds)


Mary Agent
Shing Meteoryte
Lloyd Irving
Dhaos (2 Rounds)
Mithos Yggdrasill (Only upon defeat of Dhaos with a 2-0 record)


Hugo Gilchrist (Upon defeat of Dhaos)
Synch (Upon defeat of Hugo Gilchrist)
Shizel (Upon defeat of Synch)


Gelda Nebilim (Upon defeat of Shizel)
Hugo Gilchrist (Upon defeat of Gelda Nebilim)
Synch (Upon defeat of Hugo Gilchrist)
Alexei Dinoia (Upon defeat of Synch)


In ACS, Zelos has two cut-ins.

  1. Tales of Symphonia
  2. Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3